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Originally posted by benp
is there any way I can get my External USB Hard Drive to work in Mac os X?

I believe that this has been discussed numerous times both
here and at macnn's forums. You should search the fora before
posting, if only because you will get an answer faster.

But the answer is no, the USB drivers for most haven't been
written yet. There may be beta drivers for some disks (I have a hazy
memory of something like that?) but I'm not sure.

By OS X 1.0, this will not be a problem.

that poor benp... how dare he first not search trough multiple pages of info :)

and please stop calling it OS X 1.0 (you mean OS 10 1.0?)
The next version WILL be OS X (10). this one is only a beta, remember?

Hee i have posted a new thread to help me find a file
it is called: \'help me dig into the system to find a certain picture file\"

maybe you guys can help out.
rene --
You are right, I do spend a lot of time strongly suggesting that people search first and ask questions later. But it is for their own good -- often, when people ask a question that has been posted many times before, nobody even bothers to answer. I figure that the give a man a fish vs.teach him how to fish principle applies. Plus, searching for USB hard drive doesn\'t return multiple pages of inscrutable info. Its pretty easy to find the answer.

As to the question of the name of OS X and subsequent releases, there have been speculations abounding as to what is quote correct and what Apple will choose to use. Check out this thread has some discussion of what might be OS X numbering conventions.
Anyhow, most people seem to refer to the final version of OS X that will be released sometime next year as OS X Final or OS X 1.0, to differentiate it from what we have now, which is OS X PB. (I prefer the 1.0 designation, because OS X will be far from final when it is released.) Anyway, sorry to digress, but all in all, this question is far from as settled as you make it sound.


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but OS 9 became OS 9.04 and then OS 9.1
so I think it will go like that..
OS X.1 or OS 10.1
To me OS X 1.0 just sounds a bit weird.
And what by the time of OS 11?
Will they now stick to the roman numerals? OS XI ?
Personally , I think they choose an X instaed of 10
becoz it looks cool. (it does!)I think many people think of it as the letter X instaed as to the roman numeral.
(I find myself saying OS Ex a lot)
greetings, rene