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I live in Northern B.C. and do not get said show. SOMEBODY... please post the storyline so I know what it is all about
It was good but not as good as I had hoped... Also, the theme song just SUCKS! It sounds like the Eagles or some classic rock crap.

OK. There is this history of the Capt.'s dad making the Warp 5 drive and never being able to see it tested due to the Vulcans dragging their feet and kinda keeping the Humans from space travel. They feel Humans aren't ready.

A kilingon crashes on earth and kills the bad guys chasing him (the Suliban or Taliban or whatever...). A farmer shoots th Klingon.

Now, the Vulcans have talked wqith the Kilingon homeworld and are going to deliver the body of the not-yet-dead klingon. They are gonna let him die due to their understanding of Klingons and how itr would be a disgrace for him to not have died in combat (this part didn't sit right with me - i think they tried to demonize the Vulcans too much).

Enterprise NX-01 is redy to go - almost. The capt. rushes things and gets the mission to deliver the Kilingon home. But The hot Vulcan chick has to go with them...

They fly around, shoot some stuff, the Klingon gets taken by the bad guys, they go to Rigel 10 looking for him, shoot some more stuff, get shot, find the Taliban's base - err I mean Suliban's Base, confront the bad guys who are getting help from the future?!, the Vulcan proves her loyalties are more with the crew and the capt. and maybe the Vulcans were wrong about the humans.

There was a lot of character development. Understandable. and some of the characters were likeable although I wish Scott Bakula was NOT the Capt - I keep expecting Al from Quantum Leap to show up and help him out... - the Japanese/Korean woman needs to stop being the cry baby, the black guy needs to stop trying to be Geordi LaForge, both the hick and the englishman need to lighten up on the accents and the doctor needs to be less of the comic relief. Also, they've dumbed down the tech soo much that some things seem ridiculous. They use leeches on the capt.'s leg wound for god's sake - alien leeches but still leeches!

Seeing some of the tech used for the 1st time was cool though... They don't know if the transporter will actually work on living things until they transport the capt. to save him. They have Frigging GRAPPLING HOOKS instead of tractor beams - cool but it bugged me. I am no trekie or whatever but they did mention that the NX-01 has a deflector dish... isn't the tractor beam just a deflector dish in reverse??? I'll forgive that one since the hooks were so cool...

All in all i give it a B, B+. Just get rid of that theme song!
Some of the storyline leads me to believe in an earlier Klingon Civil War than in The Next Generation. Just a guess.

Some of the Star Trek books will have to be re-written. A book I have from 7 years ago states they (Klingons/Humans) met in 22-something. This is now not true.

The theme DID suck. Get rid of it.:mad:
The producers did address the issue of books.
Books are writen by third entities and therefore cannot be controled and given a shape. Its up to the author to define whatever need to be defined.
Oh well.. I dont read the books so the plot line works for me.
With the death of Roddenberry, a small group of people have been give the role of guiding the creation of the Star Trek Universe. Rick Berman and Michael Piller have the final over all say as to the direction and tone of STU. Michael Okuda, Robert Justman, Rick Sternbach, and some help from Doug Drexler in the technical and historical accounts. Brannon Braga and Ronald Moore have been the story tellers of STU. All out side writes for the series have there works review by any number of these people before scripts ever make it to an actors hands.

The reason why they don't consider any of the books is that SF writers don't need or have their works fall under the same review process.

And yes, I hate the new theme. But when you remember that this is supposed to happen before all other Treks, maybe they felt that the theme shouldn't be as good as the others (sorta like the technology).:p
Anyone know of a site where i can listen to this infamous theme? I'm not a trekkie, so I didnt watch the show.
I pray to whatever you hold holy that there is no site hosting that theme...

Just think Cheesy Eagles Cover Band doing (trying to do...) an original work...