Help! Missing hard disc on os 9 boot


I installed OS X on my 10 GB partitioned HD.

One HD (2 GB) had the OS 9.0.4 core system and the other(8 GB) had my Apps and files.

I then when I changed the start-up disc back to OS 9, it started up fine but the system did not see the App. and file HD.

I can see them in OS X fine. But no OS 9.

If any one knew how to help me fix this, thanks!

Have you tried running disk first aid (both the X version in X and the 9 version off the CD)?
If you have Norton, give that a whirl (though make sure you have the latest version -- check these fora for some reported problems with Norton and OS X.)
There's probably some little thing wrong the OS X doesn't care about, but makes OS 9 barf...