Help! Need ADDUSER ASAP!!!!


Registered is currently down and that has the install script for "adduser" to be used from the command line. If anyone has it would you be able to post it somewhere for download? Basically I want to set-up users without putting all those folders (desktop, music, etc) inside the user's folder....if you have an alternative to "adduser" I'm listening.

I will also be posting the "set-up for your ultimate webserver" which includes Apache with Virtual domains, Webmail, and yes, Sendmail with IMAP and POP3's not as complicated as you might think! All using Mac OS X (10.1). Keep a look out for another posting from me regarding was all made possible by reading these forums and enlisting my Unix guru friend.



Sorry this is fragmented......

while you are there enable root
make the user in the normal way if you expect to login with that user....
sudo rm -rf folders in the new user's folder
but Preferences will come back as it will be default created with a normal home folder and a password.



you need a home folder for mysql or postgres?

make a folder in system territory

cd /private/var

sudo mkdir mysql

go to netinfo manager login with your admin password

copy a no privelige user like unknown

change the User ID number to something else

change the home directory and give a shell if you like
(read entries in other users for hints)
there are docs for using that even in Apple help..
close NI mangler

go back to terminal
sudo chown -R mysql

now that user cannot login since there is no password, but you can....

do it all with the help of your Unix buddy.

adduser does not perfectly do what you want. This is not like Linux best way is to properly create things in netinfo database and modify the entries intelligently.

If your buddy is really a Unix expert and has any imagination he will "get it" soon enough.

Next thing you will be looking for Linux config. ...........(-|-)

In a couple hours when i get home from school I can send you the Adduser script that i think you are talking about. I'm on an NT box at school right now, but I will look for the source and then send it to you.