Help Needed: Session Security?


Is there a way to secure a login without exiting to the login screen? I want to leave my session logged in, but want to (at least minimally) secure it with a password. I was using BlackWatch under OS9. I hope that I am just missing something that is built-in.

General comment (15 hours of use): pretty positive experience. I do need more horsepower though.

382 MHz G3 MT / 192Mb /
I think you can get what you want by setting the requirement for a password when the screen saver becomes active. That is in Screen Saver System Preferences. I'm not sure if that exactly helps you...
I believe that not all versions of the PB include a password protection option in the screensaver control panel. This is just a question of the control panel, not the lacking capability of the screensaver.

You can download an alternate screensaver control panel, likely from versiontracker.

Someone pointed out that if you make a Dock alias to the file /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Resources/, then just by clicking it, you can start the screensaver immediately. So, if you have password protection on the screensaver, it will lock up the terminal.

This is by no means bulletproof, as of PB there are two major problems - First, only the current user can unlock the screensaver, root cannot. Second, you still have access to command-option-escape through the screensaver. It does not let you kill the screensaver itself, but it lets you kill any other apps.