Help needed!!!


I have to sort out some mess and set up a few things. wondered if anyone could help..?

here it goes -

I currently have an older, badly organised set up of three unlinked Macs as below:
8600 (OS8) - Linked to Epson scanner by SCSI to a CD burner

G3 (OS. 8.6 or 5) Linked by Ethernet to a T Base hub to an Epson 5200 (A3), linked to A3 wacom (serial) and rj45 in to the Mac (?)

G4, 500 Dual tower – 21 monitor, internal modem, Ethernet, one slot filled with something(?) Should I buy an Airport card to gain access to broadband already existing in the house (ISP not known)?

- I want OSX Tiger no all (right/ wrong?)
- I don’t want to loose anything as I have it set up already (extra drive?)
- I have moved to a flat with wireless net connection – do I need an airport card for the existing signal?
- Can I use the SCSI scanner, CD burner (only), Wacom (serial) and bin the Epson 5200?
- All the various versions of creative software – will they work?
- I want to make a short film / animation using black and white stills, sketches, footage, sound, noise (+abstract sounds).

If I take your advice and buy the following is this the right set-up and can I have the three Macs working together on OSX Tiger?

For that I intend to buy a Cannon powershot S70 for wide angle (C28 min). Stills and video 7.1Mp (portability, versatility). Also a Tascam Pocketstudio 5 for a random sounds / noise recording. I have got a (yes poxy?) Casio CTK 731 with no Mac support / compatibility (???) Can I link this directly by the cable to Mac G4? If so, how??

I’d really appreciate any advice on how to set this up effectively without it costing the Earth and cocking up too much existing stuff.

Thank you!!!!!