Help on installing 10.1 on un supported


I am trying to install X 10.1 on an unsupported machine - 9600 with a G3 card, 448 MB Ram.

(This machine is running fine X 10.04 which was installed by using the "Unsupported" Utility for X)

I am now using the UnsupprtedX utility 2.0b4 (latest)

Every thing goes well till the first screen of the installer and then - the mouse does not move.

I have an Apple generic ADB mouse and a Logitech USB optical mouse connceted to a PCI USB card.

Both of them work fine on X 10.04 and on 9.2

Any advice will be most welcome



I have an 8500/W newer G3 250. It boots off the installation drive and brings up the installer but I can not press the continue button using either ADB or USB (I have a USB Card installed). It was and still is working with 10.0.4.

- Paul