Help Please. Powerbook G4 running extremely slow!


I need some help. I tured on my Powerbook G4 the other day, and everything is running extremely slow. It literally takes one solid minute to load up iPhoto. I cant search for anything using spotlight, and i cant really surf the net because it is running to slow. Please help!


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Boot into Single User Mode (hold down Apple-S after the startup chime) and once at the prompt type "/sbin/fsck -yf" and hit return. Once it finishes fixing the partition, run it again for safety's sake. Once it's repaired, type "reboot" and hit return. Once at the Finder desktop, launch Disk Utility and select to Repair Permissions on your HD. Hopefully this will resolve your issues.


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Zap the pram After the apple chime hold alt+shift+p+r the chime should chime 3 times then just let it boot up.....

Or reinstall os

Or Disk utility


Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
It's actually Apple-Option-P-R. This might help some, but I'm not so sure it's just that.