HELP Please! Trying to tranfser files from Mac to Mac! How?


Hi there. I have an emac G4 desktop and a Powerbook G4...I am trying to transfer the files from the desktop to my laptop. I got the firewire cable hooked up, now what? I've never done "networking" before. I was using a jump drive and it took forever and was very tedious, I am hoping this will be a lot faster. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Have a gr8 day!


Just shut off both machines. Then, start up the powerbook and hold down the T key until you see a firewire symbol on the screen. Now, connect a firewire cable from the powerbook to the desktop mac. Next, just startup the desktop Mac. Once it has fully started up, the powerbook's hard drive should be on the desktop machine and you can just drag all the files you want onto the powerbook. When done, shut down both machines and then unplug the firewire cable once they are fully powered down.