My firmware update failed. My powerbook wont boot at all........... Arrrrrrrrgh. Please help. I need it.....
I would check Apple TIL info on the support section of their web page. I don't have a powerbook so I don't know a lot about them. Have you tried starting from the CD?
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If you were a little more specific (what model PB, config, OS, etc), you might get a little more help from this forum.

OK. My powerbook is the February 2000 model. The one with firewire. I did have Mac os 9 on 10gb of the 18gb and then an 8gb partion for mac os x. I installed the firmware update, and when it rebooted after it was installed, it was the mac version of the "Blue Screen of Death". Yes, its the sad mac icon at startup. i also have 512mb of ram, no airport card either. If u need anything else, email me at

Just a suggestion:
Check if you have the correct ROMUpdtFile.
Remove all optional RAM.
Reboot the machine with CD.
Set startdevice CD.
Insert RAM.
Start with CD.
Use a second mac with ethernet to make the ROM upgrade again.

Or: Connect the 'Book as an external FireWire drive to another Mac (Target-Mode, start with "T" pressed).

Good luck pal