Help Reguarding File Read And Write In Carbon Programming


Hello, First Thanks For Reply for my previous question

I Required Help on Following topic if anybody know about that or any sample code u have pls tell me

--> I am now going to prepare program for "password storage and changing password " but i am not getting how can I store password in a txt/rtf file which is get inserted from textbox control.
In short i want to know how can i store password from control to fie on disk
that to write in the file.

--> Second thing is How can i read that data/password stored in the file in the "old password" and replaced it with new password when we want to change the password using "new password" control.

---> Next thing that how can i compare the "new password" control with "verify control " box control. As per i know I think i have to use CFStringCompare()
function but i cant get how can i use that .

can any one help me out.
or tell me if any one knows the same program is already available on the

Hoping for positive reply