Help required for AP Express/D-Link DSL setup


Hi everyone. Sorry to launch into a long question with my first post, and I am ashamed that I can't figure this out myself :eek: - but I'd be very grateful for your help.

My system is:
PowerBook G4 867MHz with AirPort Extreme card
AirPort Express base station (software v6.2)
D-Link DSL-300T ADSL modem
BT Broadband

Apple, D-Link and BT all say that the others' equipment is compatible with theirs, and diagnostics they've gone through with me over the phone seem to show up no problems. Printer sharing and AirTunes are working OK, and yet I can't connect to the net!

D-Link tells me that modem should be acting as a bridge with DHCP turned off, so that the base station can act as the DHCP server. However, the modem setup is accessed via a web browser (pointing at and as soon as I turn off DHCP, I can no longer access these pages at all.

How should I set up the modem and the AirPort Express so they talk to each other and I can see the outside world?

try re-running the setup for the ae and choose join an existing network.
Also try changing the wireless channel on your d-link. (12 works best for me and my netgear, others caused cut out issues with itunes.)
I imagine that the 'fault' is with the ae, they can be really unstable at times. I have had to 'hard' reset mine a few times in a few months!
oh, and apart from maybe changing channel number, you should not have to change any other settings on your d-link. leave dhcp on, it saves a lot of hassle.

Also try running airport admin utility and ensuring that the internet tab is set to 'using dhcp'

hope any of this helps, I am no expert but as no one else was helping......