Help! Security Settings error???


"The Startup item folder ("Library/StartupItems/" does not have the proper security settings...

"An item in the Startup Items Folder ("Library/Starupitems/RetroRun") doesn't have the proper security settings.
After clicking "Fix" for both, I restarted but get the same problem.

computer spec

Mac Mini 1.4ghz

I also installed retrospect backup and have an external 80 gig HD for the backup which I formatted to Mac Extended.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



The Late: SuperMacMod
RetroRun is part of Retrospect.

Retrospect Express will not automatically launch after a restart on Mac OS X Tiger: This build fixes a problem that prevented Retrospect Express from automatically launching for backup after restarting the computer. The previous workaround was to launch and then quit the Retrospect Express application. For security reasons, Mac OS X Tiger requires that permissions for Startup Items have more limited UNIX permissions than previous versions of Mac OS X. Prior versions of Retrospect Express’ RetroRun launch utility used permissions that are no longer allowed with Mac OS X Tiger, so Tiger disabled RetroRun on restart.

Check for an update for Retrospect.