Help setting up a Quake 3 server?


I've looked through a bunch of forums and rushed through some of the Google results but I've not been able to set up a dedicated Quake 3 Arena server on OS X (10.3.x)

I've got a machine sitting in the corner and I want it to run a Q3A server. I want to be able to control it from my laptop using an SSH connection.

Does anyone have any information on how I would go about setting this up?

Thanks in advance.
Well, I must admit I do not have that much expirience with that topic, but a quick search on Versiontracker brought up the freeware tool Seven:

It says there you can control and change the dedicated server settings from any machine with Seven. As it is freeware, you might want to give it a try. Maybe it's the solution fro your needs :)
More low level...?

Easiest (and most low level) way I see (without caring for visualization and only working from the terminal) would be to edit the Server CFGs in a text editor like Pico on the terminal, and then start Quake 3. I'm pretty sure you can set the CFGs that it directly starts up as dedicated server (good source for all information regarding that would be Easy and simple IMO, though surely not the most comfortable way to do it. You could teach it all yourself as well, as SSH connections are explained detailed in the man pages of OS X,

You could use VNC for graphical work, but don't expect any wonders from the performance. You can SSH tunnel VNC with a little work, but I would have to look up myself how that works, as it's been a while. I could explain the principles though if you would like to do it that way.