help! shared files/directories don't permit group writing by default!


Hi all!
I'm using an older G5 running MacOSX 10.5.8 (not 10.5.8 server) as a fileserver. My filesharing process is as follows:

  1. Through the accounts control panel, I (a) create "sharing only" users, and then (b) include them in, say, the "DESIGN" group.
  2. In the sharing control panel, via File Sharing, I add the directory I want shared, and give the DESIGN group read/write access.
When a user connects to the file server, they can read and write to existing directories. But if they create a folder, the folder is created with 755 permissions, not 775. Files are added as 644, not 664. Which means other DESIGN group members can't modify those files/directories.

My question: HOW/WHERE do I make user-added files/directories permit group writing?

Thanks for any pointers!