Help! Tell me I am an idiot


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Everyone I know has a PowerBook now, and this whole thing was kicked off when a friend scored a pretty good deal on a 1Ghz PowerBook.

My iBook is slow, it annoys me how slow it is, stuff takes to long to load and it isn't very responsive when things are loaded. So I searched out ebay, the only good deals I found were some 12inch 867mhz G4 PowerBooks, the problem with these is that they have the same crappy 256kb l2 cache that my iBook has, which i swear is the cause of a lot of my problems. I found an article a while ago that showed how a lower clocked G3 out performed the G4 witht he gimpy cache in a lot of things. (no idea where it is now)

Anyways, I really want to upgrade, but the thing is, I have bought 3 computers in the last 3 years. The iBook, the PowerMac and the PC. I don't want something new, i just want something a little faster with some more features (PowerBook) that doesn't cost too much. I figure I still could ~ 600 for my iBook 800mhz 640mb RAM and Airport Extreme.

What do you guys think? Too much for the iBook? Should I just shut up and be happy now? How would the 867 PowerBook compare? I know it is slightly faster and has a faster video card and hard drive, but would it really make huge difference? Please tell me to go away and forget about silly things like this!!!!!
what is this "refurbished computers" on apple store that everyone and their dogs are talking about? cant find them.

i have a 1.3 ghz powerbook and my girlfriend got a 1.25 ghz ibook. the same amount of memory. my harddrive is a 5400rpm, hers is a 3200. it makes a difference. the feel of mine is much better, since it has quietter buttons and is sturdier, but her ibook is quieter just standing there.
Decado said:
what is this "refurbished computers" on apple store that everyone and their dogs are talking about? cant find them.
Go to and click on AppleStore. You will find a search-field where you simply type 'refurbished'. Et voilà!
sadly, it is not availible in sweden. i guess it is because there are no physical apple stores in sweden, there are no left-over exhibitproducts etc.
I just realized one of the big issues. I had set the Processor performance to Reduced I don't know how long ago, probably back when I was still taking it to class and wanted long battery life.

Setting it to highest does make a noticable difference.
The processor performance setting will make a big difference, but RAM is still a major issue...especially with Tiger. My iBook now runs at twice the average used RAM with Tiger than it did with Panther...takes a bit of getting used to. Those widgets, even 2 or 3 simple ones, really like to eat up resources it seems. Everything considered it runs good, but a bit more RAM would make all the difference. 512MB should be the bare minimum for Tiger, 1GB would be the actual minimum I'd recommend to anyone (for light use).
My wife just bought a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop and it's the sweetest laptop I've ever seen. Word opens faster than you can blink your eye. 1.6ghzP4/533mhzFSB/256mbRAM/64mbAGP/40gbHD $1,200 NEW