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Ok, I needs some advice here brothers(and sisters)...
Anytime I boot into classic (well, not for anything important, just to convert shrinkwrap img's to disc copy) my X drive is not visible on the desktop and none of my utilities will mount it. What gives? This forces me to have two copies of OSX installed on my machine. Whichever copy of OSX I was booted into last will not show on the desktop but the other will show!!
This is retarded.
So in summary:
--Boot into classic
--Cant see X volume which I was just booted into
--Can see the X volume I was not booted into
--Have to boot into the X volume which is showing up
--Then from that X volume I can select my main X volume to boot into

--Get this, I reinstalled X to about four different partitions even on different physical disks with no change in behavior. i give up. Please lend me a helping hand.
Here my dealio-
Dual G4 500
1- Stock Apple 20g maxtor ATA
1-Maxtor 40g ATA
1-IBM 60g ATA
---The latter two drives are connected to the Sonnet Ultra ATA PCI card.

Drive Names are-
---All the drives DO use underscores for spacing

Yes when I boot from an OS9 CD the OSX disk is STILL invisible. And I don't run any nonApple extensions in OS9.

Of course this leads me to believe that the problem is related to drive termination but I thought OSX was supposed to be more sensitive than 9 to improper termination.? And all the drives are jumpered according to their manufacturers specifications.

Peripheral-wise, I only have a Firewire CDRW hooked up and my keyboard- oh yeah and my speakers.

and yes, the latest firmware has been applied (4.2.8 I believe). This was a problem before the update too.
The stock 20g drive and the Maxtor 30g drive are both running on the Apple ATA bus. The 60g IBM drive is running solely on the Sonnet ATA card.

My OSX system is the only partition and the only thing on the 30g Maxtor drive.

The other disk on that bus is the stock 20g Maxtor drive. this disk is partitioned into two volumes:
15g-MP3 Backup

The IBM 60g drive is partitioned into three volumes:
10g- Creative (working files)
45g-Data_backups (img files and stuffit archives)
5g-Classic system (9.2.1)

So this would suggest that the 30g Maxtor drive is improperly terminated right?
But why does OSX have no problem with any termination issues?
Maybe just one of those things. I guess i'll double check the jumpers and play around a bit.

thanks for all your help testuser, always a good resource. :)