help!! trying to unistall os x


Anyone had any success in uninstalling the public beta without having to format the partition on which it's installed? There's got to be a better way.

Oddly, if you drag the "System" folder (when booing from os9), a dialogue box pops up saying you cannot drag this folder to the trash, do you want to uninstall? Then gives you a button that says uninstall. Press that button.... and nothing happens! Arrgghh..
You could try to remove it using norton utilities the version before the one for OS X partitions). When you run it, it should find all the stuff os x did to your partition and fix it. After that, you should be able to delete it without the dialoug. If the dialouge still comes up, try deleting it by booting under the system disk that came with your computer.
Good Luck!
Actually, I went ahead and removed public beta's various components manually by booting off another os9 partition. osx seems to install a couple of additional system components which I'm not sure of the effects of removing. Oh well...