Help! Update or Filevault Problems



I ran an OSX 10.3.9 update on my G5 PowerMac. As I restarted Filevault notified me I was using too much disk space but as I was in a hurry I didn't take the offer of optimising the space.

Upon restart I noticed my dock had changed, I had none of my items on my desktop and there was a sara.sparseimage on my Finder file list. In desperation I ran Repair File Permissions before restarting but that did not solve my problem.

It seems that all my documents are in this sparseimage disk but I cannot find my messages in Entourage as I don't have 'permission'.

Does anybody have any idea what I can do to get things back to the way they were?

Many thanks


Staff member
If all the files are in that sparseimage, you can simply mount it by giving the FileVault password. Either way: I'd back that up on a FW or USB-2 harddrive and reinstall the OS on the PowerMac. And I would _not_ recommend to activate FileVault again, unless you plan on _always_ having more free space on the internal drive than your home folder will ever use.