Help Viewer Does Not Know How to Handle the Selected Url


Using Panther OS 10.3.9 on Ibook G4, 1.07 GHz, 256 Mg RAM

When I try to consult Help - even in the Finder - I can get no farther than the index, before I get the above message. This occurs whether or not I am connected to the Internet.

The error message continues:
- "The selected URL is: /Users/garnetward/Library/Caches/"

A help message suggested trashing the Preferences file:
I did this, and the problem did not improve.

Any HELP would be appreciated!

Tech. level: Reasonably competent in OS8 and somewhat in OS9, but still rather helpless in OS10, though I've been using it for a year and a half. When I can consult HELP, I can do most things I need - at present,without HELP, …

Thanks, Garnet Ward
in user>library>preferences try trashing :

Next go to User/Library/Caches and delete the folder.

more on the subject check here don't forget to use the search feature before you post it is likely that your question has already been adressed.

to avoid doing it manually you could Use Onyx to "Reset MacHelp"

Hope this helps and welcome to this forum :)