Help Viewer


I have created three accounts on my computer, one is an admin account and the other two are standard account. On one of my standard accounts, whenever I click "Help Viewer" on the Finder menu bar, I am presented with a blank page. If I open it through another application, I can see the front page, but none of the links work and the search takes forever to complete (that "ball" keeps spinning in an endless motion). This problem does not appear on the other two accounts.

I have tried to remove and from my Preferences folder and from the Caches folder. Help Viewer works temporarily for that window session, but when I close it and open it again, it goes back to the blank screen.

I had even run Disk Utility to repair disk permissions. The problem still persists. I'm using Mac OS X 10.4.2

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Same thing happens with me. Sometimes when you open Help Viewer wait a little, sometimes that helps. Also if you start to search straight away usually it doesn't work either.

Help Viewer is poorly made.
Having the same problem. When I open help viewer for OSX Tiger nothing shows up, disk permissions does not help, seeking help from tech support