Help w/ Burning WMV files to DVD!!!!!


Alright, hopefully some kind soul out there can help me with this, its giving me fits. First off, Im still somewhat new to the Mac world so bear w/ me.

Im running Panther on a G4 PowerBook w/ the SuperDrive and I wish to burn WMV files to dvd. My cousin has set up a bunch of WMV files of family stuff on his website, so Ive downloaded them and been able to watch them on my Mac with Windows Media Player (which I dont like).

Im already somewhat in tuned to burning DVD's. I have Mac the Ripper and Roxio Popcorn. But Popcorn only wants Video_TS folders.

Basically I wish to burn the WMV files I have saved on my computer to a DVD so I can watch them. Do I need to buy a media file transfer software? But then where? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Not sure about this because I never burn anything other than through ITunes but.. Try creating a new burn folder somewhere, desktop for example, hit ctrl + mouse click and choose new burn folder. Drag your stuff into there and hit burn. Good luck.
That'd result in a data disc with the file on it, not in a video DVD. You'd have to first convert the video(s) into something Popcorn can read. Do you have Toast, too? That'd be better for it, since Popcorn's really only for duplicating non-restricted video DVDs, not for _creating_ DVDs.
Your best bet would be to somehow convert them to QuickTime movies, then use another program to convert those QuickTime movies into a suitable DVD format.
Your options depend on what kind of WMVs you're dealing with.

If it's using WMV2 as a video codec, you can convert it to DVD using ffmpegX. I just wrote another post about this two minutes ago, so check that out if you're interested.

If it's using WMV3, though, then ffmpegX can't handle it. In that case, your only option is to buy Flip4Mac's WMV Player. It will let you open WMVs in QuickTime. From there you should be able to either A) convert them straight to DVD using Toast, or B) Convert them to some intermediate format, and then use ffmpegX to take it from there.

Hope this helps.