help w/ CLI logouts


Is it possible to logout completely through the CLI without it just exiting your particular terminal session? Sometimes X wont let me logout through the menu or the key combo and I have to restart the machine to just logout. I can logout if I kill the login window app from the terminal, but that is awful messy and I dont like the idea of having to kill apps on a regular basis (Im sure it isnt healthy). Any ideas?

Also... Is there a way to communicate with a person who is logged into OSX but is NOT using the terminal? I doubt it. It would be nice for an admin to send admin messages to his/her users who are using OSX on a network without them having to use the CLI. Hopefully with OSX server and OSX clients fully released this will be an option.
Killing programs from the command line is no problem. The only way you might get a problem is if you have to "kill -9" them.

By default, "kill" sends a signal to the program that it should to an orderly exit, ie. close all open files, terminate child processes, etc. However, "kill -9" ought to be used only as a last resort, since it doesn't give programs a chance to clean up after themselves.

As for communication with people not using the terminal, I don't know of a way. You might be able to use the "open" command to open a file on someone's desktop that contains a message you want to send, but that is hacky, and would probably end up giving users root access or something...