Help with Airport Express


I posted this in another forum but I wasn't getting much help.

Here's the situation: I just got a new Powerbook, and I thought I'd finally put this airport express I got with the iMac to use. I installed the Airport Setup software and it said in internet preferences I was connected to the internet via Airport. However, I was not able to access any webpages. I noticed that there is a yellow light flashing on the airport express module, which the manual says either signifies that it's a) out of range or b) a problem with my ISP (which I don't believe is true). Ideally I'd like to setup this network so I can run my powerbook and iMac on the same conenction, but I'm a bit lost on what to do when problems like this come about.

edit- i tried reinstalling the airport express setup software, and now it's saying "No new AirPort Express networks were found. Please make sure your AirPort Express is plugged in, in range of your computer, and click Continue to scan again" when I'm trying to connect a new network.

edit #2 - This blinking yellow light has become the bane of my existence. Please help!
Are you using this in conjunction with another wireless network? (ie Airport or Netgear router...)
If so try changing the wlan channel on your router to 12, this resolved issues for me.

Also try resetting the airport express as in the manual, and starting again.
The blinking yellow light will signify that it is unable to contact your ISP. I had a similar problem with mine, which turned out to be a damaged Ethernet cable between the Airport Express and my cable-modem. Swapping the cable fixed the problem instantly.

Other possibilities include something wrong with your cable modem - have you tried unplugging the ethernet jack from your Airport Express and plugging it into the iMac, to see if the iMac has any difficulty getting a connection to your ISP? Some broadband providers will need to use PPPoE, which you need to configure in the Airport Admin utility. In many cases, the cable that provides your broadband (whether it is ADSL or Cable or whatever) may have come loose - believe me, about 70% of these problems are simple matters of cables not being plugged in properly.