Help with burning an image


I aquired the Mac OS 10.1 os on a disc image. My problem is i am having trouble burning the image so it is bootable. Can someone help me out and tell me how i can fix this. I am opening toast and selecting burn disc from image. But when its done and i want to boot up from it it will not work. Any suggestions?

I have had problems with other OS X builds, and I eventualy gave up and wasted ?650 MB of disk space by 'imaging' the CD onto a partition. Here is the instructions.

I followed most of the instructions, but I used my OS 9 partition, using the 'Restore in place' option, renaming the folder it created to 'Mac OS 9'. Classic an 9.1 still worked fine.

If you have an AirPort card, or even if you can just look around in Help or someplace, could you tell me if AirPort Software Base Station is included?