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I just purchased a powerbook G4 OS Tiger 10.4.2. I'm trying to print wireless
thru a linksy wireless g network successfully working multi-platform systems (2 windows pc 1 wired desktop and 1 wireless notebook and this wireless powerbook G4) No problems running all these for the internet but the powerbook won't recognize this printer as wireless network printer. It will only work via the USB cable. However It works perfect with the wireless windows pc. Anyone out there have this printer running on a mac using it wireless? Is there some sort of special setting? Called Apple techs as well as Canon techs no one can understand why I'm having a problem via wireless connection. Could it be the new OS Tiger? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreaciated.
After 2 days and 6 hours on the phone with canon tech I'm about to pull my hair out! Noticed on google there were success stories :confused: using this printer wireless with a mac. What could be the problem? Please I need any and all advice. Thanks
Thank you, yes I do have the latest drivers. I did use printer utility, but perhaps I didn't use it correctly. Do you mind to explain how to add this printer properely via the printer utility.
Cinderella try this way : in printer set up utility click the add icon, a new window opens - go through the pull down menu. my printer shows up in "rendez vous" yours might be in an other menu. Once you find it add it and define it as being the default printer.

Hope it does the trick I'm not much of a techie so using intuition rather and hope you can solve your problem before midgnight or else you printer will turn into a pumpkin :)
Thank you so much I know I'm one step closer. Please be more clear I still don't quite understand, thanks for your patience. I've never owned a mac before. When you say pull down menu in printer setup, which pull down menu?
Protocal;address;quenue;print using???? Please specify which pull down menu.
Thank you so much for all your help i deeply appreciate this.
This should help you, here's a pic of the window opened once you click "add" and where my printer appears in rendez-vous

check also the other options (clicking the arrows next to rendez vous) if your printer is connected and the drivers installed that's where you are going to find hopefully :)


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Thank you so much! That was absolutely correct, my location was different than yours but once I found it and added the printer it worked like a charm.
Thanks for your patience as well. You are simply the best! I always say the guys on the forums are top notch, even better than the Canon tech that I spent six hours on the phone with. Thank you, Thank, Thank you!!!!!!! :) :D :D
I'm glad you made it and many thanks for the compliments but I will not indulge myself with being the best :eek:

just trying to help out and share my know how, which I find is definitely a common criteria with users of this forum :)

I'm sure you'll be able to benefit from this forum and forget about help desk in the future too, plenty of guys willing to help a princess ::love::