Help with finding a good Wi-Fi 6 router


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It's been a while since I posted on the forums, but I'm looking to replace my aging Apple AirPort Extreme router which has been having some problems, and there are just way too many routers on the market to make an informed decision from just Google searches.

So hopefully some of you can help me with the decision!

Here are my requirements:

• Wi-Fi 6 support required.
• No cloud account required for setup. Some routers (like the eero) absolutely require an account in order to setup the routers. This requirement rules them out.
• The ability to monitor traffic by device via some tool, either the built-in administrator tools, or outsourcing data processing to something like a Raspberry Pi would be fine.
• Low to medium cost. For a single router, probably no more than $300 or so. For an appropriate two-piece mesh system I'm willing to pay up to $500.

Nice to haves:

• Wi-Fi 6E support would be nice for future-proofing, but optional since I don't have any 6E compatible devices yet.
• Mesh networking, or at least the option, would be nice, but is not required. I live in an older home with walls that do dampen Wi-Fi signals quite a bit, so a 2-piece mesh kit would probably not be overkill (3-pieces would probably be too much).
• Ability to handle gigabit internet speeds.

Thanks for any help!


Netgear makes some mighty fine routers, and their companion Netgear Genie app does what I think you require.


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The Amplifi Alien costs $379. A bit on the high side (though individual Wi-Fi 6E routers can cost up to $600, so it's not the most expensive). However, I have heard from others that the Amplifi Alien requires a cloud login, that you can't do local-only administration of the settings. Anyone know if that's true?

As for Eero, I know for a fact that they only have a cloud login. I set those up for my parents before Amazon bought them, and if you accidentally change the settings to where the eeros can't connect to the internet anymore, you completely lose the ability to change their settings, and then you have to reset them to default settings. (Also, Amazon is pure :mad: and I would prefer not to give them money.)

Netgear routers are decent, but from what I can tell, their Traffic Monitor can only monitor total bandwidth, not bandwidth by device. So it can answer the question, "Am I going over my ISP's monthly data cap", but not "which device is hogging all the bandwidth?"
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An update! Synology just announced 6600AX Router in 2022! I expect this to be shown at CCS 2022

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