help with ftp


i am trying to upload a file onto an ftp server. for some reason, it does not seem to recognize the files on my's what is happening.

ftp> put ~/OSX.pdf
local:/Users/axela/OSX.pdf remote:/Users/axela/OSX.pdf
200 PORT command successful.
550 /Users/axela/OSX.pdf: No such file or directory

any ideas what i am doing wrong?


ftp is using '~/OSX.pdf' as both the source and destination; try

put ~/OSX.pdf OSX.pdf

so the destination is just the filename, without the path (which obviously doesn't exist on the remote machine).


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better yet, change directories using lcd (local change directory).

ftp> lcd ~axela
ftp> put OSX.pdf

that way you only need one argument. BTW, the absolute path is what makes ftp want a destination as well. A simple filename doesn't have that problem.

Two other quick notes, ftp will start off in whatever directory you were in when you ran it. So:
localhost% cd /etc
localhost% ftp

will start you off in /etc. You can use lpwd (local print working directory) to find out where you are.

Also, doing an lcd without a directory will always take you to your home directory. This goes for the shell as well, where a cd with no arguments will return you to your home...