Help with NetInfo


I am the law!
I read the PDF that Apple posted about NetInfo. It made me understand its purpose, but now I need to actually figure out how to use it.

Physical network consists of:
Two G4s that are using a linksys 10/100 hub/router which is connected to a cable modem. The cable modem is plugged into the uplink port and the two G4s are configured to use the DHCP server. Want to add an iBook & an SGI IRIX workstation soon [it's an indigo 2 which will serve no real purpose other than to look cool].

What I would like to do:
Have it setup so that all applications are available to all users no matter what machine they are logged into. Make it so that users have "a roaming profile" so if no matter which Mac I log into, I use the same home directory.

I'm assuming:
That one G4 would act like a server and the other would act like a client. One netinfo database would reside on the server and all users would be in that database.

Is this possible? If so, how would I do it? Does anybody know of any tutorials on setting up netinfo domains? Any suggestions for maybe a better setup using the hardware I have?

Thanks in advance.
That sounds fun. Too bad we don't get the extra Admin apps that OS X Server gets - I think it handles some of these things more nicely for you.

Take a look here.
It's a bit dusty, and Apple choose to remove some of the more useful Apps, but it's still a pretty good source for NetInfo documentation.
Besides this, OS X Server is the OS meant for the type of thing you're planning to do...