Help with PC - Mac Networking


My room mate is a mac user and he has two different accounts on his mac running the newest OS X Tiger (whatever feline name is the newest). One is his account "Joe Blow" and the other is an account we created for me, "Me". Both are admin accounts. I've succesfully networked the mac and pc using our gateway. He can receive files from me because I simply right click the folders I want to share and he can see them and download the files he chooses.

The problem is that the account for me "Me" doesn't have any files in it except for what look like standard mac system files .localized and a folder called SC. I am trying to figure out how to put folders from his "Joe Blow" account into the "Me" account without making excessive copies of the files I want. In essence I guess my question is how do you share files from a user account you are not connected to without making unnecessary copies of files. In windows you would just right click the folder and then select to share it. So how do you do that for a Mac.

If it boils down to the fact that I simply must be connected to the "Joe Blow" account then how will I access without asking him his password whenever I want to login? Is there a way to create a different password for a remote login from a pc? Even if he decides to be a nice guy and type it in each time which is a hassle, I'm still confused on how OS X identifies what can and cannot be shared whereas in windows it is dealt with from the folder properties. Optimally I'd like access to all the files on his hard drive as was possible on the previous version of the OS X but it seems like they've taken out that ability in Panther.

I'm also a bit hazy on the notion of filesystems for Macs. In windows by default you would just connect to the server smb://192.xx.x.x/shared or the Mac would recognize the folders you are sharing. With a mac filesystems seems more complex especially when connecting from a pc. What would it look like since there aren't any C:\ type directories. What is the default share for macs?

Thanks for all your time!
The default shared folder for OS X is the Home folder of the account you login to. Get the freeware(donationware) SharePoints from to get control of what gets shared.
Hey thanks gsahli! I've heard of it but it, at first didn't sound like what I needed, but if you say it's what I need I'll give it a shot! Thanks and I will update with my progress