Help with root mode.


I know nothing about OSX's Unix underpinnings and now all of the sudden my G4 533 Dual boots automatically into root mode. I don't know how to get out of it. Restarting doesn't work and I can't find my system disks. Using firewire disk mode, I can mount the primary hard drive (but not the third party internal add-on I installed) on my laptop and it checks out fine in disk utitly. Can anyone help?
When it starts up, does it switch to a command line display as root? If so, you might be in Single User Mode. There should be some directions with what to do with your hard drive once you reach the # prompt. It should say something about doing "fsck -y" and some other things.

If so, then follow the directions. Maybe there's something wrong with the data that needs repair, and fsck will try and repair it. Once it finishes, type exit and it should continue to load Mac OS X normally. BTW, be sure to run the fsck command as described in the message upon boot a few times to make sure it's compeltely clean.