Help with Windows Meida Player 9!!!


Ok this isn't as panic stricken as I'm making it sound. But it's been on my mind for quite awhile. Alright when I stream let's say the Daily Show from comedy central in windows xp i can full screen it. But on the mac's media player 9 I just cannot do this??!?! Is there a applescrpit i can write??? Or is it moneysoft's fault i can't fullsrceen it?? Anything helps. I've looked in all the menu's and nothing??? Thanks again.



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Blame Microsoft for this. At least Apple made full screen available on QuickTime Pro, which you do have to pay for unfortunately, but it's a option. MS doesn't even give you that.

Have you tried alternative players like VLC?


I'm also using version 9.0 (and X.3.9) and in the view menu I do have a full screen function shortcut cmd-4 :confused: