Help with Windows Meida Player 9!!!


Ok this isn't as panic stricken as I'm making it sound. But it's been on my mind for quite awhile. Alright when I stream let's say the Daily Show from comedy central in windows xp i can full screen it. But on the mac's media player 9 I just cannot do this??!?! Is there a applescrpit i can write??? Or is it moneysoft's fault i can't fullsrceen it?? Anything helps. I've looked in all the menu's and nothing??? Thanks again.

Blame Microsoft for this. At least Apple made full screen available on QuickTime Pro, which you do have to pay for unfortunately, but it's a option. MS doesn't even give you that.

Have you tried alternative players like VLC?
I'm also using version 9.0 (and X.3.9) and in the view menu I do have a full screen function shortcut cmd-4 :confused: