Help won´t help


I have a problem with the Help program. When I search it gives me a list of related documents, but when I try to read the documents the help application just tells me it can´t find the html file. Why? Is the help file on my computer or on the net. I am always connected so even if the files arent on my computer I should be able to read them. I find it odd that there are some files I can read but always when I search it can´t find the files.

I had the same problem at one point & I thought it was because I didn't have a constant internet connection where the help files (I thought) resided. It turns out that I had an unusual character in the name of the hard drive, being a typographer's apostrophe instead of the inch mark that's typically used. Once I changed that, it worked. I read somewhere that there's several characters that can cause this, too.

Thanks for the tip
Wow, apperently it not only office who has problems with special characters. I«had given up with this problem but thanks to you I changed the name of my harddisk so it dosent contain any scandinavian or special characters and now the Mac help program accually finds the files and helps me :)