I need help now!!!

I mum has just bought an old imac (slot drive G3) to learn on and I wanted to install panter on there for her, but the problem is, I know I have to update the computers firmware, but whenever I go to do it, it will not let me, as I have to use the classic mode, but it has the classic environment installed, but will not let me do anything,

how do I boot up completely in classic, or is this not possible??? plz you gotta help me!
Go to the System Preferences under the Apple, to Startup Disk and choose the OS 9 disk to start from, then restart and install the Firmware.
It didnt work, Iv tried that so many times, now there is a flashing earth icon and file with a question mark!

and it takes ages to start, and then still says OS X on start up!
The flashing globe means that the Mac is trying to boot via NetBoot, which means you would have to have a NetBoot server available. This is why it takes forever to boot.

Once the Mac does boot into the desktop, go to System Preference-->Startup Disk. Select the System folder you want the Mac to boot from. Apply all settings and reboot to test. Your Mac should be booting quickly once again.