This might be the stupidest story you've ever heard, but hear it goes. I had never used the login feature on Mac OS X, so I thought I would take off the automatic login feature and restart. When I got to the login screen and entered my password it didn't accept it. So I entered it a couple more times again and it still didn't work. So I started up in Mac OS 9.1 mode and started deleting preferences with the word login in the Mac OS X System folder. That didn't work so I took the whole System, User and etc.. folders and trashed it. Then I reinstalled Mac OS X. When it was done installing and restarted the login window was still there. So finally I decided to look in the Mac OS X booklet and it actually said how to reset the password, so I did what it said and it worked. When I got in to Mac OS X all of my apps were turned in to folders and had the letters .app after the original title. I have accepted the fact that I reign supreme over all idiots of the world and here by command all like me to bow down to your leader, for I am Cody, king of the idiots.

Anyway please help me.