Help :(


My ISP has done something because of code red that stops anyone from accessing my webserver and stops me from pinging anything not on my ISP's network. Is there anything I can do or do I have to complain to my ISP.
Your ISP sucks, dude. Tell them to stop spazzing or you'll have to switch services.

Seriously, they must be pretty paranoid right now. I haven't heard of this behavior among ISPs before. Has anyone else encountered this kind of siege mentality due to Code Red?
No. But I can imagine that the worm has caused a TON of traffic on some networks. I think our Road Runner network in upstate NY is getting hammered. My G4 has had 1200 code red worms hit it so far in August. The worm must base its "Random" ip addresses on the host's IP address so it has a better chance of finding actual computers.

I bet there are a lot of Win2K boxes on road runner that have not had the patch installed. I say this because our webserver at work [which is on an AT&T Network] has only had 171 code red worms hit it.