After you enter in all your information, the code is:


remember to uses "cap lock":D
What serial number? You don't need a serial number to run Mac OS X? This is not like Windows.:confused:
need...after particulars are enter, password need to insert...hmmmmm
by the way...
If i install macOSX from MacOS 9.1, will all my current data be overwrite or deleted??? Cause i got office and other macromedia software in it...
As long as you don't reformat your drive everything should be fine.

It is only asking you to supply your own personal login name and password to create an account for you (Mac OS X is a multi-user systems). There are no serial numbers needed, but don't forget your password!

Once installed you can use the system preferences to select Mac OS 9.1 as your start up OS, and then in 9.1 use the Startup Disk control panel to get back to Mac OS X.
Originally posted by AdmiralAK
MacOS X has a serial number :eek:
You DO learn something new each day :)

whether you need it is a completely different matter.

BTW, MS Windows serial numbers are not; they are results of a one way hash with an embedded salt; your /etc/passwd second fields, if you wish :)