I have a big probleme. I don't know how to get MAC OS 10.1 to recognize MY HP 8200 series CD-R. I have the ToastTitanium 5.1P2 and i don't know what to do to get it to see my CD-R. It was working pretty well under Mac0s 9.2.1 but i decided to do a clean install of 10.1. Please somebody Help me


Imac Bondi Blue 233mhz
196mb RAM
4gb HD
Mac OS 10.1

Is that a USB Mass Storage Compliant Drive? If it isn't it won't work unless...

Is it recongnized in OSX? Then it should work in the beta of Toast.

Does it still function in OS 9.2.1?

Yeah it's a USB mass compliant drive, yeah it was working under mac os 9.2.1 but i got rid of it. Mac os x still doesn't recognize it with the beta of toast.
i tried an HP 8100 Series CD-RW drive (IDE) and Toast recognized it just fine. You may want to re-install the Toast Preview and then reboot your computer, if that doesn't work it couldn't hurt to email about it.