Think Audion. I doubt I'd use it much. If you want to create a selection of songs that doesn't follow a common band or album, create a new playlist. I mean... *shrug* I think the current setup is a lot more powerful than Audion's. I'd just like to see more mp3 file management issues- ie. change all the filenames to just the title of the song - and I want support for CD's to be improved- so that we can say "this CD is a compilation, collect all its tracks in one directory... this is a regular disc, collect its files in Album Name underneath Band Name..." Currently my heap of MP3's is shot for shit, mostly due to OS9 and short filenames.

A friend and I meant to create a new audio archive format to store entire albums with track information, liner imagery, etc. etc. which would basically just be a TAR archive with standard filenames to store the data.

*** is a 3 digit zero based index. Why zero based? *shrug* they're 'leet!


I think we had some other ideas, like support for storing different bitrate versions of the files so you could load up 96Kbit files for your portable players (since you can't hear the difference with those shitty little earbuds anyways) and be a complete audiophile prick with some 320Kbit files with your 500 german-engineered headphones. Most of the control information is stored in tracks, which is a plaintext file containing CDDB track times (so you can make a CD that will be recognized by remote CD programs that aren't on your machine) and encoding information for all of the audio data in the file.

meta contains some more misc. bullshit, just in case people wanted to add application specific stuff such as some data for visualization plugins to use, UIN, and references to music that might also be of interest. There were some file-size limits we imposed on a lot of these strings, which were all essentially just XML marked up name-value pairs. On top of it all, we could call them .cd3's or some BS like that :)

We talked about actually developing the format and trying to get some audio players to support it... but yeah :) I'm not even sure how I got on this topic.... oh yeah... iTunes- playlists- file management- this. And it's 3-am, which means I probably should wait until I'm not in a haze of sleep to post this, but *shrug* what the hell. You should probably just ignore me.