Here's a concept apple: bundle the iPod


I know apple would shoot me for saying this - saying it is the same day as the iPod's intro.:
Why don't you bundle it with new Macs? (even it means raising their price by a hundred bucks).

I'm sure people would feel a whole heck of a lot better buying a new comp system for 100 dollars more and getting an ipod vs. buying an ipod wondering why it costed 400 dollars. <do you hear me apple? bundle the freaking things! That would be rockin'. iPod by itself isn't>

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I could so see Apple sending these with there iBooks and iMacs... it's a sort of Hip 'n Cool pack ;)

But if not that DROP the price guysand make it PC compatible! I'd love to see em running at $200 or less. Then it could at least compete with a Nomad Jukebox.

I like the idea, but I don't know if they can do much about the price. Someone at MacSlash said that apple used SmartDisk's upcoming FireFly HD and that those HDs, while smaller than laptop HDs, top out at 5GB and sell for $400. It would seem that Apple does not have much room to wiggle on price.

I only hope that the iPod price drops as the price of the drives drop. I remember when Airport came out. At that time 802.11b stuff was 4X than the price Apple charged (base stations at $1,200-$1,300). Other manufacturer's prices dropped, but the AirPort base station's price remained the same. Now I can buy a LinkSys 802.11b basestation (with 4 ports) for $200 while Apple still charges $300 for their basestation.

I'd think about buying an iPod at $300. I'd run to the store if I got 10GB for $300. An iPod+ or iPod SE with 20GB for $400-$450 might also get my attention. The SmartDisk drives might precent Apple from making this a reality.

When apple introduced Airport, they dramtically lowered the price for wireless networking. The iPod failed to do the same.

I hope they do that. I will gladly save up another $100 to get an iBook and matching iPod.
I throw my hat in there ;)
Bundle it and more people will use it,
create a bigger user base. More people see it, more people use it, more people wanna buy it, more $$$ for apple, more $$$ for future R&D...aaahhh..future looks bright ;)
Yep, they should have bundled it with their macs for 100-200 $ extra. That would be fair. 399 $ is far too much for an Mp3 player. Yeah, the iPod is reeeeaaally cool, and of course I want one, but I don't have the money...