Here's a poser


I'm trying to install OS X on a friend's iMac. It's a Rev A (he bought it the first day it came out), and it's stock except it's got 256 Meg of RAM and a brand new 40G hard drive. I've installed OS 9.1 on a fresh single HFS+ partition on the drive, and a few other applications (Myst III, Excel 98, Retrosepct, a few utilities). I've updated the firmware to v. 1.2, which seems to be the most recent update for a tray-loading iMac. The installer disk boots fine and starts the installation process, which continues until I get to pick a disk to install to. The install CD and the hard disk are listed, but they're both grayed out and the only option that isn't grayed out is the "Go Back" button.

Anyone have any ideas?