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Disregard the chemicals that are floating in the air around my head, but I am searching for a meaning in all of this iPod hoopla.

<B>My Idea:</b>

The iPod as a testing ground for a PDA's + Laptops. What is an easy, inexpensive way to test out the underlying components/OS for an insanely great PDA? Disguise it as a MP3 player. Why?
a) enough people will buy it that the casing, HD, and LCD will get abused over and over in hundreds of different locales.
b) performance testing the underlying OS for power consuption, etc. If this new battery lasts 10 hours, imagine what a laptop casing made of this battery could do. 10 hours off of a 1 hour charge. Thats pretty impressive too.
c) This ugly duckling has a 5gb HD in it. What better way to test the long run durability of it than to have 1000's of people CONSTANTLY writing, reading and re-writing to the disk, while dropping the things all over the place.
d) start small with the instant synch by just synching the iTunes library, before synching the entire computer.
e) the OS in there is SOMETHING. wanna bet it is a really stripped version of X? an <i>embedded X</i>?

each of these features are aspects of apple's development cycle that can heavily affect their future products.

I think this is a stepping stone for the PDA we all really want. Look at all the pieces: 5gb HD (blows every palm os/pocketpc handheld away), firewire port(sure as hell beats my palm USB cradle), mp3/sound recognition(not a bad walkman), casing the size of a deck of cards(a big machine in a small package).

What's needed? A larger screen. Get rid of the huge buttons on the front, add a jog-dial to the side, a little hole at the top with a pen in it, and toss in the necessary parts of the OS to have our very own little OS X pda. Plug it in to the Firewire port on your computer, and it instantly synchs iTunes, email, documents, etc. This would happen in the blink of an eye compared with USB synchs. Now throw in the handwriting or gesture recognition, and we have a full blown mini-computer. Not a PDA, but a <i>mini-computer</i>. Suddenly Apple has the first real wearable computer.

And all of the important changes that usually need to be made after the first generation of a product can be completed BEFORE the product hits the market. And all of this development cost is levied by all the people buying the overpriced "mp3 player".

I'm definitely standing on a limb here, and I think I hear it cracking. :D

Or as the Gorillaz say, "Remember that its all in your head"

"Where the hell did all my weed go?"
haha. :)

yes, of course. you getting paranoid while dreaming of the PDA?

The battery can NOT compare to a notebook battery, for all this lil gadget does is play some sound. Hardly the same processing power is needed for playing sound like for doing intensive graphic work. I suppose it even has a processor that is mainly designed for MPEG 1 decoding. They're around, you know.

Why should Apple test a *BATTERY* in a totally different product? They can just as well trust the maker of the battery. They'll test it fine. And in a product development they have plenty of time to test batteries. (Yes, I remember the PowerBook 5300, I really do.) :)

Stop dreaming. This is a *real* product and it'll *have* its market. If it won't sell, there'll be a sellout and Apple will make a repriced new model. Know what the PowerBook 180 cost? It cost half the price of the 170 that came out half a year before the 180. And the 180 was a far more refined machine. Didn't sell too well because of the price tag.

But believe me, people who buy TiBooks will buy iPods. If people who buy iBooks won't, pity. Apple will still make sales on such a good product.

Gosh. You all make me angry. :) And the price here in Switzerland still isn't out. :p