Here's my suggestions (with screenshots)


Don't mind this site, I whipped it up in about 20 mins. But on it are some suggested features that I think will be handy for the final release of Mac OS X. There are some ideas for the dock and other things that could improve the OS in my opinion. Please let me know what you think, I'm sure some of you will agree and some of you won't, but they are only suggestions. I've looked at other people's dock ideas, and I definantly like them as well. Well don't forget to send your suggestions and comments and everything to Apple.
Check out my suggestions at peece out
Well most of your ideas are pretty good; some of the more sensible I've seen (too many people list ideas that make me just want to say "go back to using OS 9 already"; I want something new).

Having the orientation of the dock customizable is a great idea, as is a separate section for launched but not stored applications. Options for location of trash (Or an "include HD and/or trash on desktop" option) would be good; most people seem to like them there, while I like to keep my desktop as free of clutter as possible so I don't even have the removable media there. I don't know about the necessity of indicating the foreground app in the dock since it is shown in the upper-left corner of the screen already.

The popup menus in the dock listing the open windows on a command-click (or whatever other modifier; since it has built-in right mouse button support I'd like to see that too since I'm rather fond of 2-button mice and contextual menus) is a good idea, though I don't know that I like the implementation in the screen shot. I think the standard menu the same as the current contextual menus or the pull-downs seen in some windows would be nicer.

I don't like the idea of a drop-shadow on the mouse pointer, partly because I think it's overkill and partly because it'll slow down the computer too much with all the redrawing it would have to do.

I also do think there should be an option to have the clock up in the menu bar. The clock in the dock is nice but when you start getting a lot of objects in the dock and it gets smaller and smaller, it's too hard to read there, and I don't want it getting in the way of my applications so I don't leave it in the window. It would also be a nice way to balance out the menu bar a bit by putting it on the currently empty right-hand side.

My only thing to add to what you've mentioned is a more xwindows-like mouse focus option. This is fine for a default option but I do like the various "focus follows mouse" options that are available on *nix systems where you can actually type in a window in the background. If you've used xwindows much you'd probably understand what I mean but if not that probably doesn't make much sense... oh well. :)