Heres the deal about getting OS X.1 on Saturday from a reseller.


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I just got off the phone with a very knowledgeble young lady, working at local Apple reseller called the MacStore. She informed me that they would in fact have OS X.1 update cds in the store on saturday, but the first discs would go to people that purchased OS X from them or planned on purchasing a new computer from them. She also made it clear to me that I would not be required to provide any proof that owned OS X because the update only works with OS X installed. The only people that you need to show proof of OS X ownership is with Apple when ordering a disc through the up-to-date program. If you ask me this whole up-to-date program is a joke. Why not just charge the 20 dollars for shipping and handleing and let people order the disc off Apple's site. If the update only works with OS X already installed their is no point in making users prove their ownership.
Not to mull this to death...

But I called the Apple store in Cleveland, and the lady there said that I wouldn't need to bring *anything* and that they would have plenty of cd's to go around. I don't even need to bring cash. No proof of anything. I'm bring one of my win32 'friends' with me so I'll have the extra cd incase the cd I get doesn't work (180 mile round trip from cincinnati...)

Ain't it cool? They could have made this a 'order from the apple store' only item, and charged everyone $20 if they had the proof of purchase. Instead its a free upgrade with no s&h... gota like Apple!

I had to edit this because there is no Apple store in Cleveland - its in Columbus! Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up.
Just a few days ago everyone hated apple because of their nebulous explanation of the distribution of 10.1

P.S. Does anyone have any info on the 10.1 update at Staples of Circuit City???(They are the only people who deal with apple in my area)

----Come on Apple open a store in Scranton, PA
Here in Kansas City, we're out of luck. No one here in town is going to have it. Not Circuit City, nor Compusa or Microcenter. So...I just went ahead and called Apple...
I've talked to a CompUSA rep who said they would have them Saturday if they ever show up. He also said that I would need to bring either a receipt or the coupon from the original box.
My local CompUSA is in. Neither Staples or Circuit City had any idea what 10.1 was or when/if they would get it anytime soon. I really enjoy this Windows-centric world we live in.
I was at Circuit City tonight and discussed the 10.1 update with a not-so-knowldgeable salesman. He said that "the Apple Rep" had just been in and installed 10.1 on the iMacs (in fact, all I think he did is make them start up in X instead of 9... they still had 10.0.3 on them). He didn't know when the 10.1 update would be in, but compared it to Windows XP. "All of our 'regular computers' [PCs] are shipping with XP now... But, you can't get the update for XP until the end of October." He said since it was like this for Windows, the Mac update wouldn't be available "for quite some time."

How ridiculous! Anyway, I do have some hope because he said that the Apple Rep was coming back "this weekend." I can only hope that this means he's gonna give them some 10.1 update discs. Boy, no wonder the Apple Rep didn't give them the 10.1 update discs yet... I bet they'd "lose" them at Circuit City before Saturday. What a bum. I should work there.

The search continues...

When is that one opening? It might give me a good excuse to go home. Okay, it's not a good excuse, but it's an excuse non-the-less.
Circuit City. I heard rumors about Circuit City carrying it so I gave my local Circuit City a call and spoke with a guy who was a Mac head! Yay. He said he didn't know about them getting in the update, but he had heard the rumors too. He said he was gonna try and find out because he wanted to get his hands on it too. I told him that I was gonna head over to CompUSA that morning and see if they have it, and then head to Circuit City if they don't. I told the guy I'd let him know what I had heard too.

Anyways, just thought I'd let you guys know...
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Here in Kansas City, we're out of luck. No one here in town is going to have it. Not Circuit City, nor Compusa or Microcenter. So...I just went ahead and called Apple...

Not true.... CompUSA says they will have it... no proof of anything needed to pick it up.

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Not true.... CompUSA says they will have it... no proof of anything needed to pick it up.


Not all CompUSAs will have the upgrade. The Apple rep at the CompUSA on 5th Ave in midtown Manhattan told me that they would not be participating in the handout.

Yep, not all Compusa's will be handing them out. Only some will and I was told those will only get 100 copies of the update. When they're gone, that's it.
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Not all CompUSAs will have the upgrade. The Apple rep at the CompUSA on 5th Ave in midtown Manhattan told me that they would not be participating in the handout.


I'm confused. I talked to a rep at the same store on Thursday, who seemed very knowledgeable, and he said they would have the free update disks, and all I needed was either the original receipt or the upgrade coupon.
Well, my CompUSA participated and had plenty. Walking in to the store I saw three people coming out w/ the disks.

I got to the Mac section and got worried because they were only handling out based on a list! I called on Tues. and wasn't told about any list!

Luckily they had plenty so once they went thru the list the rest of us got our copies. No receipt, no coupon, nothing. Just 100% free and walked out the door.

Hope you are had just as easy an experience!
Well, Apple succeeded in doing the usual "orgasm" release with 10.1. The foreplay started last July with Steve showing how wicked fast 10.1 runs... just wait until September to get it. Then the announcement that you could pay $20 to get the upgrade some time in October or go to selected stores on Sept 29 to get a "free" upgrade. Lots of marketing and hype around this upgrade. At 6 AM this morning the line started forming outside the Tyson's Corner Apple store. The doors opened (orgasm time) and the first 500 customers got the upgrade which was totally depleted in 45 minutes. I arrived around 11 to see dozens of disappointed Apple zealots wanting a copy (including me). Too bad the orgasm marketing approach doesn't scale! A little bit of happiness for a small number of participants and a long recovery period.

One brave Apple Store employee was trying to field the questions and deal with the dissappointment. He admonished one customer telling him that he arrived too late to get the upgrade. I commented back that maybe Apple ran out of product too early. There were 3 lines 20 people deep for over an hour waiting to checkout. Many of these people not only had the free 10.1 handout, but a box copy of the full 10.1 product to purchase.

One customer asked if he could install 10.1 on his TiG4 PowerBook using the store copy. The employee wasn't sure if they could do that. Another customer pointed out that the store had a whole wall of Macs with SuperDrives and wanted to know if the store could burn a copy of the software for him...the answer was no.

I had been looking forward to using 10.1 this weekend. After watching all of this and reflected on how Apple needs as much help as they can get despite their inability to forecast and their crazy marketing approach. I decided to buy a full copy of 10.1. So I shelled out the $129+tax and now own 2 fully licensed copies of OS X for my 1 TiG4 PowerBook. I figure this cost is better value than what I've gotten with Micro$oft Office upgrades that cost more. Also, it helps Apple stay in business. If I divide the $129 by the number of hours I'll use 10.1 between today and the end of next week, the cost per hour is cheap entertainment. Also, some guy came up to me last Wednesday at the Tyson's Store and gave me a $20 bill to answer a few questions about the I really only paid $109 for the upgrade. And the last point that swayed me to spend the money is that Apple donated $1M to the terrorist victim fund. My $129 les $20 helps replenish funds so Apple can be in a position to keep doing development work and stay a good corporate citizen.

Still, I wish they would quit their orgasm marketing and get some serious talent hired that knows how to forecast. One less "think different" ad or billboard would have paid for production of enough CDs to satisfy the demand. Better yet, let people who can bring their Airport equipped PowerBooks into the store and do the upgrades. That would be a "think different" way to do upgrades that leverages the technolgy they developed and cut down the number of folks that have to have the physical CD to do the upgrade. With the AirPort (or ethernet cable) upgrade capability in the store they could show off their OS X server capability.