Here's what you all have been waiting for....

Not bad. You might be able to save some cash by getting a smaller HD and buying one separately. Also you seem to be overdoing it on the audio side of things
I think that setup rocks- especially the sound end. My USB microphone lets me record tapes to CDs easily on my Cube (see story on other thread), I love my soundsticks, and i don't think any of that comes under "overdoing it". Having the Cube's speakers (very similar to the Pro Speakers) allows me to not scare everyone in the room when the volume is way up (by having the alert sounds go through the smaller speakers).
The only thing I would change is the monitor. With the new savings, you would pay $110 more for the Apple 15" LCD. Other than that I'm very envious.
Yes, lotsa sound :-D I'm glad tho, I really wanted the soundsticks AND the Pros and now im gonna get them...

On the HDD, I know I could buy one seperate, but I am too lazy to do that much (I'm puttin my own RAM in, but the HD is okay price for me)...

On the monitor, yea, I know the 15" would work, but:

A) Its free monitor... cant get better than that
B) It has a bigger viewable size
C) I was able to see the monitor I am getting recently... As a matter of fact, I was using it when posting the original post. I think It's good enough for me until I can get more money for the 17"... I want the 17" Studio Display, not the 15".
Gimme a break... My current computer is a 100MHz Pentium (not Pro or MMX... the original thing, complete with Math bugs), with 32 Megs of ram and a 6 gig HD.

You cant blame me for being very very happy about it... So happy to tell the world :)
lol...sounds like teh striped down PCs we use for assembly code :p

Welcome back JS... never go back to the dark side again (unless you canna code in assembly :p)

Joe my boy, you are a wise man. You have created yourself a superb setup and I must admit im envious. Have fun with that sucker!
I am so envious :rolleyes: , or maybe not. I'll be getting somewhat the same setup in a month. Or maybe I should wait for January. Don't know yet :confused:
I CTO'd my Dual800 and I'm very happy with it...

But here are two words of wisdom:

First - if you can afford it - get the Superdrive. It is definitely worth the money. Even if you don't intend to use iDVD, the minute you can back up just about every important file you have on to one or two DVDs you'll be amazed you lived without one for so long...

Second - the Zip 250 drive. I didn't buy one when I CTO'd my Mac. I later found them for sale in OEM fashion. After installation, I discovered a SERIOUS bug in ALL Zip 250 drives. If you use a Zip 250 drive to read/write a Zip 100 disk, it is about 80 times as slow. I am not kidding. Copying a 5MB folder of 15 files to a Zip100 drive/disk takes about 10 seconds. On the Zip250 drive copying to a Zip100 disk, it's about 8 minutes. If all you are going to be writing to and reading from is Zip250 disks, this isn't a big deal. If you have a lot of Zip100's around (like I do), and your computer at work is a Zip100 incapable of reading/writing Zip 250 disks, you may want to consider either an external Zip100 drive or adding an internal one yourself.

Congrats on your purchase and good luck!
Thanks for the replies... To those of you welcoming me back, special thanks. I should let you know that while my main computer has been a 100MHz Pentium with 32 RAM, I also own a Mac IIcx and a Mac Classic, just tehy cant do anything that I would want to do, therefore, I was forced to goto PC world (I got the PC for free...).

Also, on the Zip250/Zip100 problem, yes I know exactly what you mean. I am blessed with over 100 G4's (in the old case however) with zip250 drives through the college, and I use all Zip100 disks... Well, yes they are VERY slow, but alas, I have a Zip100 USB drive, just no computer to go with it, so I'll have a Zip100 outside, and a Zip250 inside... the 250 is great for when I move over to the bigger disks...

On the monitor comment that I already replied to, This setup is not totally final... I mean, the stuff there I will not change, or remove, but I can still add stuff depending on how my income flows...

Same with the Superdrive... Currently, since I have only $2000, and my mom is paying the other $1969, I dont want to get anything else till *I* get more.

Also, lastly, to masternew... I am not getting my setup till December... My excuse for making such a large purchase is that its a x-mas gift... :-D