Hi! Nead help with DNS setup on OSX server


After what I understand, you nead to make changes in both the GUI and terminal.

Exactly what do you have to change, anyone got a step by step,

lets say I got host "example.com" and public IP: ""
and wanna run a DNS server on dns.example.com

I nead to create some zonefiles, and edit "db."
"db.(my ip)" and "named.conf"

How do I get it to work?

And how do I assign more then one nameserver on the same machine,
and still get the registration to work with RIPE.


In a macosx userforum, someone must have enabled and run a dns server from their machine.

Please tell me how you do it!

Don't be lazy...


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Go to macosx.org

This site has all the info on setting up DNS in the terminal. Worked for me.