Hi Power Wifi Cards In Powerbook G4s


I am using my Powerbook G4 in a marina with some disappointing dropouts and poor response times. I have been told the WiFi folks support an Aqua Access PC Card, which is around 200mA power, instead of the usual 30mA power. I understand that SMC makes the Hi Power card and believe it to be the same as the SMC 2532 Hi Power WiFi Card.

Anyone used one with a MAC or specifically a powerbook? I have also thought about getting a WiFi Router of some kind, but am pretty ignorant of all things networking.

I also saw MACWIRELESS www.macwireless.com sells a pricey high power card.

If you put a pc card in the slot on the machine when it has an Airport card internal, is there any big problems or difficulties to expect? Thanks for any help on this.