i got som probs geting my Ipod Photo to work whit my pc, cant even get to the part wher to restor the ipod, if u by any time can answer me fast plz do that. but tryd to get into the ipod on 6difrent pc, but no go.

Tor Magne Steen Christiansen

HP Norwegian print team
Hi Tor Magne,

First, I'm going to report your post to the mods so they can edit out your phone number. Believe me, we'll be doing you a favour. If we leave the phone number there, ANYBODY can read it.

Secondly, this is a community site established by Apple users, for Apple users. We are not Apple, and we don't need the serial number of your iPod. All the help you get here is from volunteers and Apple well-wishers.

To help us solve your problem, can you tell us:

- Does anything appear on your iPod's display at all?
- Has it always done this?
- Have you had it checked by an Apple technician?