hiding a partition/HD


I have a bunch of partitions including OS 9, OS X, Backup, Optimize*, and Swap and it makes the desktop look really cluttered. Is there anyway to make it not show up on the desktop but still be available to use? I'd like to hide the Swap partition at least since I never have to get into that one.

*Optimize partition has 9.2.1 and norton speed disk so I can boot up on that and defrag and run disk doctor on the other partitions
This is kind of a kludge but it works...

In the Finder preferences, uncheck the show disks option.

Now make aliases to only the Hard Disks you want and then move them to the desktop.

You can also change the icons for the aliases to some better ones than the ugly generic HD icon.
Also, I would like to do this not only in X but in OS 9. I don't think the above tip applies to 9 but sounds like a feasible option if nothing better presents itself.
Correct me if I am wrong.

Couldn't you just use Finder Buddy to set the invisible flag? I have tried it myself here and the drive no longer shows in the finder for OS X or 9
Invisible means it is still there and in X the system certainly can use invisible items.

You could also use a neat file browser tool called Greg's Browser in the contextual menu of an item ou can go to the label menu item and at the end of this menu is a choice to set the invisible flag. Greg's Browser has been a great tool in X since it runs in classic and allows you to see all the X files without needing to allow visible items in the actual finder :)

Then there is XRay it is the ultimate get info for X.... gain you can set invisible options along with many many many other atributes, ownerships, etc, etc

hope this helps