Hitachi vs. Seagate vs. Off brands vs. Fujitsu Laptop hard drive


I need a new 60 GB 4200rpm 9.5mm 2.5" for the G3 laptop that died. I notice there is quite a difference in price between say an Hitachi and a $120 vs. $70. Is there a heat issue? Reliability issue? And I found offers a no-name brand of 60GB for $99....Any opinions?


PS By the way, we tried diskwarrior to attempt to save a dying hard drive: once, I gave up and just stopped it, which I now know wasn't a good idea...then, I let it sit for a week...and the hard drive appeared I just decided to let diskwarrior run until the new hard drive I buy arrives. But, here's my question: Its been running for about three to a place that just clicked and clicked and clicked for about an hour....and now....nothing seems to be happening. I cannot discern any sound at all. When do I give up this dead horse? Just curious as to whether anyone thinks anything still is happening with this repair process.There seems to now be no sound at all.
I would recommend the Hitachi or Seagate drives. In my experience, those are the most reliable brands out there. Fujitsu drives are also decent although they tend to get noisy quickly. Spending the extra money on the drives is well worth the investment, as both Seagate and Hitachi have superior warranties, longevity, and performance. If you search around, you'll probably be able to get a Seagate pretty cheap. Oh, and avoid Western Digital like the plague.

As far as your existing drive goes, once it starts clicking, that's it, game over. If you need data from it, I would recommend Drive Savers' data recovery service if you can afford it. I've not had good luck with other data recovery services, more often than not, their methods basically amount to running DiskWarrior. They don't seem to be able to do much in the event of hardware failure.

I hope this helps,